It’s been over five years since Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled

Pour another one out

Mega Man — the fanbase that never stops dreaming.

No matter what, even with a complete lack of proper releases, we never give up hope. I still look back at my collection after grabbing a game to play out of it weekly and think — “one day.” As I’ve said a million times, Capcom should sell the game license off to Nintendo and retain merchandising rights (which is all they really want).

Alas, all this reminiscing isn’t for nothing, as Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled five years ago this very week, sparking the creation of the Get Me Off the Moon (also known as 100,000 Strong) community. I know people throw around the word “entitled” a lot, but I’ve rarely seen a group run with as much passion as them, and I’m proud to call myself a member.

They’re also still at it five years later with two “operations.” One is titled “Network of Legends,” and the goal is to show Capcom that you’ve purchased either Legends, Legends 2, or Tron Bonne off of the PSN to support the idea of a follow-up (I like this because it doesn’t encourage people to necessarily buy something). Then there’s “Legendary Resolve,” which basically amounts to creating a book to justify Legends 3.

Note that all of this has been incredibly civil, and the community itself has crafted some amazing artwork and content out of this whole debacle. We may never get another Legends game, but we have this in the meantime.

[art via NeoGAF]

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