Is There a Depulso Puzzle Room 3 in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

No, so don’t go looking for it!

A lot of Hogwarts Legacy‘s puzzles are centered around Hogwarts itself, which makes perfect sense. This is the Wizarding World after all, and most of the storylines in that universe flow from Hogwarts, or deal with students that are directly attending the school. So after unlocking Depulso Puzzle Rooms, you might be itching for more, given that they’re some of the toughest challenges on offer in the game. Well, there’s only two!

There is no Depulso Puzzle Room 3, just 1 and 2

After clearing the Hall of Herodiana sidequest in Hogwarts, you’ll unlock the ability to square off against two more Depulso Puzzle Rooms. One is located in the Bell Tower Courtyard up the stairs, and the other is near the Potions Classroom, underneath the nearby staircase. All you need to do is use Depulso on the block sticking out of the wall, and the magical doorway will open. Inside, you’ll need to move blocks around (and attach them to each other on occasion) to reach platforms, which contain collection chests.

But again, there are only two Depulso Puzzle Rooms to clear out. I know this because I have a 100% rating (the only thing I’m missing is the bugged Biscuit quest), and I don’t need any more collections from a third theoretical Depulso room. Also, I’ve scoured Hogwarts inside and out multiple times in my quest to find all the field guide pages for the platinum trophy!

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