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How to rescue Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy – Take the Biscuit quest guide

It’s an easy one, unless you hit the glitch

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While Hogwarts Legacy has several minor glitches, I never encountered a big one until I tried to complete the Take the Biscuit quest. Thankfully this one isn’t required to finish the story, but I hope it’s patched nonetheless. Here’s a full breakdown of how to finish the quest itself, and what to look out for when it comes to the progression-halting glitch.

Note: Before rescuing Biscuit, do not open up the lock on the cage in that particular camp. We’ll explain why later.

Get the quest from Garnuff in Hogsmeade

You’ll find Garnuff the goblin in the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame spot in Hogsmeade, right under the bridge before you get to The Magic Neep. You’ll need to finish Deek’s loom quest before you can pick up Take the Biscuit.

Garnuff will ask you to go to a poacher camp to rescue Biscuit: his Mooncalf (a type of beast you can catch/raise on your own in The Room of Requirement).

Reach the camp marked on your map

Garnuff will make this easy. He’ll mark a poacher camp in the northeast portion of the map (on the edge of North Ford Bog) to raid.

Head there and defeat the poachers therein, making a note of the giant cage in the center of the camp.

Get Biscuit out of the cage, and capture her

You’ll need to then unlock the cage yourself with a swift cast of Alohomora. After that, you can use Revelio to highlight the Mooncalf so that they stand out: catch Biscuit to pop the next part of the quest. Thankfully, Biscuit will not leave the immediate area and will not run off into the unknown.

After capturing biscuit, go back to Garnuff (you can choose to shake him down for more money). The quest will be complete.

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What to do if the Take the Biscuit quest/lock is glitched

If you happen to unlock the lock before you’re on the rescue/final step of the quest, you could get locked out of Take the Biscuit.

This actually happened on my file, and despite trying everything available, I couldn’t actually open the lock to get Biscuit out of the cage. You could try and reload a prior autosave/save file (which I did to complete the quest itself), but I had opened this particular lock so long ago that it wasn’t worth essentially restarting for in the long run. Until a patch comes out, keep this wrinkle in mind!

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