How to upgrade Mythic+ gear in WoW Dragonflight

How to upgrade Mythic+ gear in WoW Dragonflight

You’ll need Valor Points

WoW Dragonflight has reached the Mythic+ stage, and at this point folks are working toward their ideal endgame build: putting reps into the semi-recent raid and Mythic+ dungeons. Here’s how to upgrade your Mythic+ gear along the way.

How to earn Valor Points and upgrade Mythic+ gear

Valor, quite simply, is earned via running Mythic+ dungeons.

Finishing each run will gift you 135 points, but you’ll also get a bonus of roughly half that (65) if someone ranks up via that Mythic+ run. Keep that in mind when choosing groups, and when rounding up people in party finder or in various communities.

What is the Valor cap in WoW Dragonflight?

When week one of the first Mythic season hit, the Valor cap was 1,500 Valor. Following that period and at every reset, it will be upped 750 Valor per week.

Where to upgrade Mythic+ gear

You’ll want to head to Gladiator’s Refuge in Valkdrakken to upgrade Mythic+ gear (if you need assistance getting to Valkdrakken, check out this guide here). Specifically, you’ll want to speak to the NPC Corxian (45.5, 38.2) to start the process. Just slot your gear in and pay the required amount of Valor.

Full visual aids can be found in the gallery above.

Here’s a handy chart of how much Valor is required for each Mythic+ gear piece

  • Two-handed weapons: 1,000 Valor
  • One-handed weapons (intellect-based): 750 Valor
  • One-handed weapons (strength/agility-based): 500 Valor
  • Helmet, chest, legs: 450 Valor each
  • Shoulders, gloves, belts, boots, trinkets: 400 Valor each
  • Off-hand weapons, necklaces, cloaks, bracers, rings: 250 Valor each

There is a weekly Valor cap to keep in mind, so you can’t upgrade everything in a single week through pure farming.

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