How to get to the Valdrakken capital city in WoW Dragonflight

How to get to the Valdrakken capital city in WoW Dragonflight 0

It’s really easy to get anywhere in this expansion

Normally, “getting to the good stuff” is a big bottleneck in MMOs. Often times a lot of the cool bonuses or areas are only accessible to high-level players, but that’s not always the case with WoW Dragonflight. Here’s how to use the expansion’s focus on exploration to your advantage, and get to the Valdrakken capital city fast.

The capital city of Valdrakken is located in Thaldraszus, very close to the Ruby Life Pools

You can actually see Valdrakken from the Ruby Life Pools very early in the expansion. You don’t need to wait for a special story moment either! You can just go there.

The Ruby Life Pools zone is the place where you unlock dragonriding in the expansion. It’s roughly a few hours in. Once you actually unlock flying, it’s very easy to glide right on over to Valdrakken. You can use the Ctrol key (plus left click) to create a marker on your world map, then left-click to lock it into place on your minimap: it’ll serve as an easy guide to get there.

Alternative ways to get to Valdrakken

There are a few other methods to travel to Valdrakken, too.

  • You can walk there, using the walking path that leads into the northern part of the city (marked on the map above)
  • You can pick up the flight path the first time you visit Valdrakken (marked on the map above in the south part of the city)

Where is the Hearthstone/Inn in Valdrakken?

You’ll find a Hearthstone spot at the Roasted Ram: the inn slightly west of the big Seat of Aspects building at coordinates 47.5, 46.5.

Speak to Tithris to make Valdrakken your new home.

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