Best FTAC Siege loadout MW2 and Warzone 2
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How to unlock the FTAC Siege in MW2 and Warzone 2

One of the best secondary weapons you can find

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 3 saw the release of one of the best weapons in recent memory: the FTAC Siege. From its appearance and stats, it seems like an SMG, which isn’t entirely off the mark, but it, technically, falls under the pistol category.

If you want to know how to unlock the best pistol in MW2 and Warzone 2, you’re in the right place.

How to unlock the FTAC Siege in MW2 and Warzone 2

The FTAC Siege is a powerful secondary firearm that acts like an SMG but has the benefit of not falling under the primary weapon category. As such, it can work for any loadout, especially when players need a close-range companion for their assault rifle or sniper rifle.

There are three core ways to unlock the FTAC Siege in MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 3. They come down to whether or not you want to use other pistols first, play a bunch of DMZ missions to find it, or don’t mind spending some CoD Points to buy it in the store.

Pistol weapon challenge

Best FTAC Siege loadout MW2 and Warzone 2
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The first method of unlocking the FTAC Siege is the following Season 3 weapon challenge:

  • Get 50 hip-fire operator eliminations using any handgun in either multiplayer or Warzone 2

The benefit here is you can do this challenge in any game mode, and you can take your time with it without having to spend any money. But 50 eliminations is a lot, especially for a handgun, which isn’t nearly as versatile as an SMG or AR.

I suggest playing game modes like Team Deathmatch, Ground War, and Massive Resurgence to have the most chances of getting enough eliminations as quickly as possible. As for the handgun I would personally use, I’d suggest the GS Magna or X12 Auto.

Extract from DMZ

The second method you can use is to play DMZ and find the FTAC Siege there. This is a luck-based venture, as you aren’t guaranteed to find this gun there. Your best bet is to take out other players, eliminate NPCs, and search every armor chest you find on the map.

It can possibly take a long time to find the FTAC Siege out of all the available DMZ weapons, but when you do, all you need to do is extract it using one of the extraction sites. If you successfully extract with the FTAC Siege in hand, you’ll permanently unlock it.

Buy an in-game bundle

Finally, this is the last method for those who have the CoD Points to spare and want it instantly. Unfortunately, no bundle is currently available for the weapon. Usually, weapon bundles for new guns come out a few weeks or so after its initial release.

Expect an FTAC Siege weapon bundle sometime around Season 4 or so, if not later.

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