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How to take pictures in Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

Snapping photos in Hyrule

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In Breath of the Wild, you were able to use a camera to get some stunning shots, and thankfully, you can take pictures in Tears of the Kingdom as well. However, you will need to finish a quest to access this functionality on the Purah Pad. After completing the Great Sky Island tutorial and activating the first Skyview Tower, the mission can begin. Here’s how to take pictures in Tears of the Kingdom. 

When can you start taking pictures in TOTK?

Unlocking camera location in Tears of the Kingdom
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After finishing the Great Sky Island tutorial area and using the first Skyview Tower, reach back down to the Lookout Landing. Speak to Purah. She’ll tell you about four mysteries around Hyrule. After that, Purah’s student Josha will begin running to chat with “Goggles” (Robbie). Follow her. A cutscene will then begin once you speak to Josha at her destination. She says she wants to go to the Depths and see the chasm for herself. Goggles retaliates and states that it’s far too dangerous for Josha. Link must go in there instead.

Robbie directs you to a chasm south of Lookout Landing. The Camera Work in the Depths side quest now begins. A yellow marker from accepting the quest should appear on your map. Walk through the Passeri Greenbelt until you see a big hole with red smoke rising from it. It’s also close to the Jiosin Shrine. Once you’ve arrived, jump inside the hole in the ground.

Once you’re down in the underground with the help of your paraglider, you’ll be told by Ponnick that Robbie has gone missing. He’s gallivanted to the west. To show the way, use a Brightbloom Seed by attaching it to an arrow. As you explore, you’ll run into the Nisoji Lightroot, which can interacted with to brighten up a larger area. It will also act as a fast travel point for Link.

Watch out! Enemies!

Bokoblins in Tears of the Kingdom
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Now, keep going west until you see a root shining an orange light amongst some streams of red Gloom. Once you’ve brightened the way, you’ll notice some Bokoblins stalking the area. Take them out to the best of your ability. You’ll find a lot of Zonaite in the area. Pick the resource up after smashing the rocks with a hammer. Be warned, however. There’s a second wave of Bokoblins on the way. Be mindful not to waste too many arrows as you’ll need them to lighten the way. If you run out, you can get some from smashing the crates.

After taking out these two waves of enemies, you’ll find another fast travel location with the Iayusus Lightroot. Next to this spot, you’ll find Robbie standing by a fire. He’s admiring a statue. After speaking to him, he’ll give you the ability to take photos with your Purah pad. You can also check out the Hyrule Compendium now.

You can now take pictures in Tears of the Kingdom by selecting the camera in the tool wheel (by holding L) amongst other abilities like Fuse and Recall. You can capture images with the A button, or flip the camera around for self-portrait with X. Link can also do different poses, if you move the L-stick around in self-portrait mode.

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