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How to get the paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom

After the tutorial, talk to Purah to pick up your old paraglider

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If you’re like me, you wanted the paraglider immediately after starting Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I’m just so used to it! You won’t actually acquire it until you’ve completed the tutorial though, and cleaned up the Nachoyah Shrine. Here’s where you’ll find it after diving out of the sky islands and into Hyrule.

Unlocking the paraglider is part of the first tower tutorial at Lookout Landing

You’ll find the paraglider at Lookout Landing in Central Hyrule following the sky islands tutorial. Clear the Nachoyah Shrine, head back to the Temple of Time, and pick up a heart container upgrade at the statue. After diving into Hyrule, the main quest will direct you toward Purah and her company at Lookout Landing, conveniently located directly in the middle of Central Hyrule.

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Towers are completely different in Tears of the Kingdom compared to Breath of the Wild

Instead of teleporting to the top of towers and gliding off, you’ll be shot out of them like a cannon after interacting with a glowing circle inside of said towers.

After a bit of catching up with Robbie and Purah, the duo will ask you to reconfigure various towers throughout Hyrule: with, you guessed it, the initial test taking place at Lookout Landing itself. To prevent you from falling to your doom after being shot out of the tower, Purah will provide you with the paraglider item as part of the story.

Press “X” to trigger it while in the air, and note that you will need stamina to glide once again!

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