How to get the Primal Knife in Resident Evil 4 remake

Bringing Knives to a Gunfight

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Resident Evil 4 has Leon Kennedy going on a mission to save the president’s daughter. Though he’ll use plenty of guns during his journey, sometimes a knife is the right tool to claw out of a hairy situation. To get the Primal Knife in the Resident Evil 4 remake, players will have to do a bit of work, and they will probably only get to enjoy the knife on their second playthrough.

What is the Primal Knife in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Knives are useful weapons that can be used for parrying in Resident Evil 4 and they are a godsend when Leon is out of ammo and there’s still a villager shambling about. The Primal Knife was introduced in the original game, though in the remake it has been hidden away as a bonus weapon. At first glance, it’s nothing special, and it appears to be overshadowed by the Fighting Knife. However, with full upgrades, it has infinite durability, making it one of the most useful weapons in the game.

Where to Find 16 Clockwork Castellan Figures in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To acquire Resident Evil 4‘s Primal Knife, players must destroy the 16 Clockwork Castellan figures placed throughout the game. The figures are well-hidden, though they do make a squeaky sound which helps players find them. They are destroyed by shooting them or slashing them with a knife, and there is one figure per chapter. The Clockwork Castellans are found in the following locations:

  • Clockwork Castellan 1

It is found in the first stone house encountered upon reaching the Lakeside Settlement. The figure is standing on a piece of broken wood on the roof. You will also get a Trophy/Achievement for your efforts.

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  • Clockwork Castellan 2

En route to the Village Chief’s Manor, there is a door with a Hexagonal Emblem. Past this door, in a shack, the Clockwork Castellan will be found standing on a pile of hay.

  • Clockwork Castellan 3

The figure is found in Resident Evil 4 remake’s Merchant area after traveling through the Quarry. After climbing down a ladder, there is a barrel that can be destroyed, and above that is the figure.

  • Clockwork Castellan 4

Players must open the Insignia Door on the north end of the Lakeside Settlement. It will not be unfamiliar, as players encounter it in Chapter One. Climb the ladder and follow the path to the Forest Altar. The Clockwork Castellan figure is found behind the north side fence, and it can be hard to spot with the rain.

  • Clockwork Castellan 5

Ashley Graham‘s help is needed to reach this figure. In the Village Chief’s Manor, there is an upstairs bedroom where a picture frame on the wall can be moved aside to reveal a lever. When the lever is pulled, a collapsible ladder is revealed. After boosting Ashley up, players will be able to enter the attic and find the Clockwork Castellan figure in the south end.

  • Clockwork Castellan 6

This figure is relatively easy to find, as it is located at the base of a bonfire just before the Checkpoint area as Ashley and Leon try to escape from the Village.

  • Clockwork Castellan 7

After defeating the Garrador, players need to use the Dungeon Key to exit the dungeon and climb up a ladder that leads to a storage area. The figure can be found on a shelf in the middle of the room.

  • Clockwork Castellan 8

The figure stands at the top of one of the Castle Battlements, and players have to reach it while a monster throws boulders at them. Players will find the Clockwork Castellan atop a pile of sandbags.

  • Clockwork Castellan 9

This one is a bit tricky to get to, as it is in a maze. At the beginning of the chapter, players are in a room with a typewriter. From here, players travel left down the path, then right at the end of the path, then left. Around the hedge and to the right, the figure is standing behind a box.

  • Clockwork Castellan 10

In the sewer area, the Clockwork Castellan figure is found hanging upside down behind a metal grate near the Merchant.

  • Clockwork Castellan 11

The figure is easily found in the Stopover area, and it stands on the roof of the house.

  • Clockwork Castellan 12

Players will find this Clockwork Castellan on the ground floor of the Clock Tower. It is located on the north side, on top of a white box.

  • Clockwork Castellan 13

In Chapter Thirteen, there is an optional area with an enemy toting a rocket launcher. After the foe is defeated, players can reach an empty cave containing shipping containers and a few more enemies. After these enemies are taken down, the figure will be found near a green forklift.

  • Clockwork Castellan 14

Chapter Fourteen’s figure is another relatively easy one to find. Immediately after the cutscene which has Saddler kidnapping Ashley, exit the Amber Storeroom and take the first right to reach an area that faces the campsite. In the control room to the right, the figure can be found on top of the lockers.

  • Clockwork Castellan 15

The penultimate figure can be found if players enter the Specimen Storage and locate the small room with a treasure chest in it. Up on some wooden beams above Leon’s head, the Clockwork Castellan will be waiting.

  • Clockwork Castellan 16

Finally, the last Clockwork Castellan is found after Saddler has been defeated. While escaping, players will fall into a room, and here the figure is located westward near a forklift, on top of some crates.

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Once they have been destroyed, the Primal Knife can be purchased in the Extra Content Shop for 1, 000 CP. After that, the prized knife will be available from Leon’s storage. As a bonus, destroying all the Clockwork Castellans unlocks the Revolution Wind-Up Trophy/Achievement.

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