Resident Evil 4 remake parry
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How to parry in Resident Evil 4 remake

Time to parry like Ryu

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Parrying in the Resident Evil 4 remake has elevated the combat system past the original game. When you see enemies approach with incoming strikes, you can parry their attacks and then follow up with a kick.

Tough situations like the introductory village level will be made easier by using this new mechanic. Here’s how to parry in Resident Evil 4 remake.

How to perform a parry in Resident Evil 4 remake

How to parry Resident Evil 4 remake
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In the heat of battle, you’ll see enemies try to slash you with their axes. When a hand weapon is coming towards you, you’ll see L1 (or LB on Xbox) flashing on the bottom right of the UI. If you time this button press just right, you’ll parry the attack like in the picture above. After that, a notification will pop up above the foe’s head, letting you strike with a kick. Press the Cross button (A on Xbox) to perform that. The parrying system also applies to thrown axes and other weapons, but no prompt for a follow-up attack will appear.

Still, be careful of those who only fight with their fists. They’ll grab you and then keep you tightened, letting a fellow enemy strike with a cheap shot. Keep in mind fisticuffs can’t be parried by Leon’s knife.

Is there a dodge in Resident Evil 4 remake?

Unfortunately, for fans of the Resident Evil 3 remake combat system, there is no way to easily dodge attacks in Resident Evil 4. The best defense is to shoot the undead in the head to stun them or parry incoming attacks to counter. Another way to take out enemies is to utilize stealth attacks. Sneak towards the foe with the circle (B) button and walk quietly towards the back of the enemy. Then press R2 (RT) to slash them in one fell swoop.

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