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What is a Garrador in the Resident Evil 4 remake?

The claw enemies!

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While the Resident Evil 4 remake cut (and added!) some content from the original, the classic Garrador (claw) enemies remain. Here’s what they look like exactly, and what the Never Heard it Coming achievement/trophy entails.

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How to get the Never Heard it Coming achievement/trophy

So the “Never Heard” portion of that moniker is the clue. The Garradors are the big claw-equipped enemies in the castle portion of both the original Resident Evil 4 and the remake.

Here’s what the Never Heard it Coming achievement/trophy entails:

“Defeat a Garrador using only knives.”

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Your best bet to clear this achievement is with the first Garrador solo encounter in Chapter 7. That way you’re just squaring off against one Garrador, with ample room to move around.

Crouching is the key to hitting the Garrador constantly. Since it can’t hear you, sneaking around is a surefire way to get behind it and knife up its weak spot on its back. You’ll be able to use a stealth kill [damage in this case] R2/RT attack, which you just need to repeat over and over to get the achievement/trophy. Easy enough!

After you embed your knife in the Garrador’s back, you’ll want to immediately dodge backward, then wait for it to finish its flailing fit. Sneak back up and knife it again. Congrats!

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