How to get the Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie robe DLC

Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie Robe DLC

Only for the wizardry elite

The sheer number of cosmetic options for players in Hogwarts Legacy is quite impressive. From outfits to headwear to facial accessories, there are so many clothing items to customize your character with. But one of the most desired items is the Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie robe.

How to unlock the Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie robe DLC

Oddly enough, the Kelpie robe is a clothing item that isn’t unlockable within the game itself. There is no dungeon, quest, or chest you can find that will grant you this elegant and beautiful green robe, seemingly made from the remnants of a Kelpie spirit.

Instead, the Kelpie robe was only available as DLC. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as going on your platform’s store and buying it there for a few dollars, either. The Hogwarts Legacy Kelpie robe DLC was only part of the Collector’s Edition for the game.

In addition to the collector’s case, life-sized floating wand, and Dark Arts DLC pack, players would get the exclusive Kelpie robe. Even though DLC items like the Dark Arts pack can be purchased separately for $19.99, the Kelpie robe doesn’t have that option.

Instead, you had to spend $299.99 on the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition to obtain the Kelpie robe DLC. It is the only cosmetic pack that was exclusive to that version only, which makes it all the more sought-after in the community.

Can you still get the Kelpie robe?

The worst part about this is that even if you don’t mind spending nearly $300 on the Collector’s Edition for the Kelpie robe, you can’t even do that today. The Collector’s Edition has been sold out for some time and is unlikely to return for purchase.

You could theoretically find someone who purchased the Collector’s Edition and buy the separate Kelpie robe DLC code from them, but that could come with its own host of problems. They could scam you, the price could be outrageous, or the code might not work on your specific platform.

As such, there is essentially no way to get the DLC Kelpie robe clothing item in a reliable, safe, and sensible manner at this time. Thankfully, the positive of this is that there is a possibility this could change in the future.

Oddly enough, there is a Steam listing for the Kelpie robe DLC. It is hidden from the main store and all Steam searches, so you wouldn’t normally find it. You can still access the listing manually but not actually buy the DLC robe there.

That said, the Dark Arts DLC pack is available for purchase separately from the Digital Deluxe version. As such, there is a slim chance the Kelpie robe could follow suit in the future.

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