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How to get Nuka-Cola Orange in Fallout 76

Get yourself a sweet orange buzz.

Nuka-Cola is as much a part of the world of Fallout as radiation is. After taking over the beverage industry in the lead up to the war, caps from the drinks formed the currency used throughout each game, but there are still some fresh Nuka-Cola bottles out there, like Nuka-Cola Orange, you can enjoy.

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Nuka-Cola Orange is one of the rarest Nuka-Cola drinks in Fallout 76. It’s incredibly hard to come across outside of a vendor, and even when you do find it out in the world, there’s a good chance another Vault Dweller is looking for that very same bottle, so you’d better pick it up and run. Luckily, there are a few guaranteed locations where you can find this refreshing citrus variation of the Nuka-Cola recipe.

Where to find Nuka-Cola Orange in Fallout 76

The only way to get Nuka-Cola Orange in Fallout 76 is to find it in the world or with a vendor. I’ve outlined a few locations that I’ve tested below, so you can be sure you’ll find a bottle at each one, provided another player hasn’t beaten you to it.

Purchase from Bubbles in the Whitespring Refuge

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The easiest way to get a bottle of Nuka-Cola Orange is from the vendor, ‘Bubbles’, in the Whitespring Refuge. This location is inside the Whitespring Resort, so you’ll need to travel there and clear it out if you haven’t already.

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I struggled to find Bubbles at first. She’s a Miss Nanny but looks like an orange Mr. Handy standing behind the bar in Giuseppe’s Curios, which is a refitted bar inside Whitespring Refuge. At 33 Caps per bottle and only one bottle per day, this isn’t a great way to farm Nuka-Cola Orange, but at least it’s a safe way to get one bottle each time you log in.

Eta Psi house in Morgantown

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The Eta Psi house in Morgantown is another place where you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a Nuka-Cola Orange in Fallout 76. This one is set in Fraternity Row. It’s the blue house you might remember from when brewing alcohol was added to the game.

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Head inside and go to the basement. There’s a Nuka-Cola room down there with a shelf stacked with different types of Nuka-Cola. Pick up all of them because they’re all great, and don’t forget the Caps on the side. This might be the easiest way to get a free Nuka-Cola Orange every day.

East of Middle Mountain Cabins

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Middle Mountain Cabins, or Middle Mountain Pitstop as it’s known on the map, is rumored to be close to a Nuka-Cola Orange. There used to be an orange tent and Scavenger NPC east of the location, but I’ve been unable to find both for quite some time. They might have been removed with a previous update for Skyline Valley or something else, but the location is worth checking for a bottle regardless, just in case the tent changes between servers.

Nuka-Cola World On Tour

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Nuka-Cola World On Tour is a location in the Ash Heap with the most Nuka-Cola memorabilia and general stuff you have ever seen.

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Make your way to the center to find a section with vending machines for every type of Nuka-Cola. Here, you can buy a bottle of Nuka-Cola Orange and every other type of Nuka-Cola you fancy.

What does Nuka-Cola Orange do in Fallout 76?

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Nuka-Cola Orange has three real uses in Fallout 76. First, it can help you complete daily challenges for drinking it, so having a few in your stash is always a good thing. Second, you could sell it, but I recommend the third option, drinking it to aid you in a pinch. It restores a tonne of health over time, adds Rad Resistance, and restores your water meter.

How to find more Nuka-Cola-Orange in Fallout 76

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To find more Nuka-Cola Orange in Fallout 76, you’ll need to wait for vendors to reset at approximately 10 AM PT/6 PM BST each day to purchase another bottle from those offering it. This should also cause any bottles in the wild to respawn, but you’ll have to be quick about getting them.

You could also try hopping between servers to see if you can get lucky and find another bottle of Nuka-Cola Orange at the same location. This doesn’t always work because you can’t guarantee who has taken the bottle on a particular server. But it’s worth a try if you’re desperate.

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