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How to complete Into Lands Unknown in Fallout 76

Explore Skyline Valley.

Into Lands Unknown is the second quest you’ll get in the Fallout 76 Skyline Valley update. It sees you head inside Vault 63 to uncover exactly what happened there and then out into the wilderness in search of some people who have met a grizzly end.

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You’ll get Into Lands Unknown right after completing An Unlikely Invitation. It’s an automatic system, so you don’t need to go out looking for it. The first part of the quest will ask you to enter Vault 63, which you should already be in front of. I recommend you head inside as soon as possible because players have a nasty habit of nuking this area. This happened to me, and the only way I could get away from the intense radiation was by entering the Vault.

How to complete Into Lands Unknown in Fallout 76

Below, I’ve outlined what you need to do to complete Into Lands Unknown in Fallout 76, which is an easy-to-follow step. The toughest part of this quest is finding the bodies. Dont worry. They’re all outlined below, along with what you must do as you move between them.

Step 1: Clear out Vault 63

Lost dweller fallout 76 in vault 63
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After entering Vault 63, it will become apparent quickly that something is very wrong. There are Feral Ghouls and a new enemy type called Lost Dwellers who will all shoot you and try to rip you apart. Your goal is to clear out every enemy in the Vault, but there’s an easy way to do it.

Hang back at the Vault entrance and tease the enemies into coming to you. I had a very powerful melee weapon, so I could knock anything down in one or two hits once close enough. Use whatever weapon you’re comfortable with, but obviously, a ranged weapon is going to clear out the Vault faster.

There are roughly three waves of enemies you need to clear out. It’s hard to track because some hide at the back of the Vault and won’t be revealed until you go there yourself. When you think you’ve killed everything, go into the back of the vault and interact with the intercom there. An NPC will explain where you need to go before their communications become static.

Step 2: Search for survivors along Skyline Drive

first corpse into lands unknown fallout 76
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The intercom points you to a location on the map where you’ll hear a new NPC nearby. This voice is Craig, and he’s in a spot of bother. He’s fled from his friends and wants you to go and see if they’re okay. To do this, you’ve got to walk along the Skyline Drive road and watch for them as you go.

Follow the map marker until you reach a house by the side of the road. There are loads of bug enemies here, so take your time and clear them out first. You’ll find the corpse here hanging over the edge of the railing at the back of the house. Light a flare, and you’ll get a new map marker for the next friend.

second corpse in skyline drive into lands unknown fallout 76
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This second friend is also a corpse now. To find them, keep following the road as it curves its way down the cliff. You’ll need to kill some Thrashers that emerge from around a corner, but they’re not too tough. I found them easier to kill using a melee weapon with some extra damage behind it. The corpse you’re looking for is just inside the tunnel on the road. Tag it with a flare and move toward the final map marker for the last one.

last corpse in fallout 76 into lands unknown
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Follow the road and kill the Ghouls and Lost that try to get in your way. Eventually, you’ll get close to the center of the storm, where you’ll see a spooky house in the distance. The final corpse isn’t actually here. Instead, you must tag the pool of blood in the road with a flare.

All you need to do to end the quest is make your way to the creepy house in the distance. You’ll automatically complete it, get your rewards, and start The Calm Before quest, which is very much not for the faint of heart.

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