How to get gold fast in Hogwarts Legacy

Is there an infinite gold glitch in Hogwarts Legacy?

Unlike young Harry Potter, who begins his adventure with a vault full of gold, your character in Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have much. While the bare necessities early on will be free, such as your first two spellcrafts and ingredients for Potions Class, you will need to collect gold to purchase things. There is no real infinite gold glitch, but there are a few ways that you can get gold relatively quickly when you need some Wiggenweld Potions or your first broom.


You don’t have to know any spells to explore. While you’re out, keep your eyes peeled for loot. The ingredients for your potions can be found in the wild, so you don’t need to spend precious gold on Leaping Toadstools, for example. Also, by exploring, you can find random piles of gold as well as bags and chests that may contain anywhere from four to fifty gold. Going around to new places lets you gather rather passively, and saving where you can is helpful.

Sell Clothing

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Often when you open chests, you find clothing instead of gold. Thankfully, once you have been to Hogsmeade, it is easy to turn that bulky wardrobe into cold, hard cash. Visiting almost any shopkeeper in town will allow you to sell off your excess clothing. The more basic pieces may only get you 60 gold, but the rare clothing can get you double that. You have a limited inventory anyway, so you might as well have a rotating revenue stream.

Eyeball Chests

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After learning the Disillusionment spell, you will have access to another pool of money. Scattered around the map are these bulky chests with an eyeball in the center. While it watches you and grumbles, you can’t get to its treasures. However, once you are able to sneak up on it, the chest easily opens to give you 500 gold! We show you how to open giant eyeball chests if you need more specific help.

Rescue Beasts

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A couple of quests will teach you how to find and capture beasts for your Vivariam in the Room of Requirement. Sadly, the blissful sanctuary you create can only hold so many critters. However, the thinking in-game is that these animals are safer captured by you than by the numerous poachers around the map. Those excess beasts can therefore be sold to the woman running the Brood &Peck store in Hogsmeade. For any beast, no matter how big or small, you can get 120 gold, and the woman will find a good home for the beast. Win, win!

One way to take advantage of this early on is to visit the Mooncalf Den often. It’s one of the few beast hangouts that is next to a Floo Flame, so it’s easy to get there. Also, you can easily switch from day to night by going to your map and holding down the right stick. The little Mooncalves will respawn, so you can essentially farm this location.

These are the main ways that you can earn gold quickly in Hogwarts Legacy. Unfortunately, there is no get-rich-quick scheme, but I personally prefer that. You may need to postpone buying an item and go explore instead. Maybe you’ll take a side quest, such as the Depulso Puzzle room, in the hopes of discovering some new chests. Either way, enjoy the process, not the immediate reward.

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