How to solve Depulso Puzzle Room 1 in Hogwarts Legacy

Depulso Puzzle Room 1 Hogwarts Legacy

Time to use our noggins

The Depulso Puzzle Room 1 in Hogwarts Legacy will test your intellect as you push along huge blocks with the associated spell. There’s a certain order you have to follow to get to each chest and complete the puzzle room.

Follow these instructions step-by-step, so you can succeed at finishing Depulso Puzzle Room 1 in Hogwarts Legacy. There is gear and gold to be had.

Where is Depulso Puzzle Room 1 in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can find the first Depulso Puzzle Room nearby the Potions classroom Floo Powder spot. This fast-travel location is in The Library Annex sub-menu. Something to keep in mind is that you can’t access this area until finishing The Hall of Herodiana side quest.

Once you boot up into this dreary spot in Hogwarts, turn left and go down the stairs. There will be a level one lock you need to open up with the Alohomora spell. After performing this enchantment, the door will swing open and reveal a new hallway. On the right side, you’ll see a wall with a button-like object attached. Cast Depulso on the button to reveal Depulso Puzzle Room 1 to your witch or wizard.

Depulso Puzzle Room 1 Solution

Depulso Puzzle Room 1 Solution 1 Hogwarts Legacy
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To start the puzzle, jump down to the ground floor. In the middle of the room are two boxes diagonally attached. Push both forward to the very edge. Turn around and you’ll see another block near the front. Cast Accio on it and dodge if it gets too close to you. Now, you have the start of a stair setup, but we’re not done yet for the first treasure location. You’ll find another two blocks on the left. Cast Accio to move them to the right. Now, push them to the edge and then slide them to the left. Finally, push the two blocks forward to make a bridge to the other side.

Now, you want to push the entire structure to the left. Climb on top to get the first chest.

Three new blocks will appear to the side of the second chest location. You’ll want to cross over to the other side and then reset the puzzle by hitting the turning block device on the left.

Depulso Puzzle Room 1 Solution 2 Hogwarts Legacy
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Push the block on the top of the diagonal setup this time. Bring it to the right corner and then cast Accio. Jump on the last third of the new platforms on the right and then jump on the block you just pushed and pulled around to get to the second treasure.

How to get the last treasure chest

Depulso Puzzle Room 1 Solution 3 Hogwarts Legacy
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Make sure to reset the blocks again. The first step is to pull the right singular block to the left. Now pull it towards you with Accio on the second row. Push it to the left edge. Finally, push this block to the end next to where the third treasure chest is. Below the block you just pushed, cast Accio on the two blocks. Pull the block that remains from the prior diagonal setup to match it with two other blocks. Then use Depulso to bring it to the left edge. Now, pull it back and it will attach to the higher-up block. You can now use all of these boxes to get up to the last treasure chest.

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