How to find every Hogwarts Secret in Hogwarts Legacy

Here are all three secret locations

At some point throughout Hogwarts Legacy you may come across a “Hogwarts Secret.” While it would seem like many of the smaller puzzles would be integrated into that classification, that’s not the case. There are only three Hogwarts Secrets to find, and that’s all you’ll need to do to finish the challenge. Here’s where to find all of them.

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What are Hogwarts Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy?

Secrets are basically big quests that involve a few key locations in Hogwarts:

  • A courtyard bridge, located outside
  • The clock tower near the dueling club
  • The headmaster’s chambers, at the highest point in Hogwarts

Once you solve each puzzle you’ll fully complete the “Solve Hogwarts Secrets” challenge, gaining all three of the clothing/cosmetic rewards.

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Secret 1: The Courtyard Bridge Fire Puzzle

The Courtyard Bridge Fire Puzzle is located at the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame fast travel spot at Hogwarts. You’ll need to head to the bridge and study the panel on the floor to learn which numbers match which symbols. Light the bonfires above the pillars and match the roman numeral on the floor panel to the roman numerals above each pillar.

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Secret 2: The Clock Tower Puzzle

The Clock Tower Puzzle requires access to Glacius or Arresto Momentum, as well as the Alohomora spell. You’ll head to the Clock Tower at the Clock Tower Courtyard in Hogwarts, unlock the door on the left, and head up the stairs to begin the puzzle. Freeze/stop the pendulum on each symbol to open up a corresponding door (from left to right, each symbol will unlock a door on floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, and floor 4 respectively). Enter all four doors to clear the challenge.

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Secret 3: The Key of Admittance

This “puzzle/secret” is probably the last one you’ll do. The Key of Admittance secret is located in the headmaster’s chamber, at the highest point in Hogwarts. All you need to do is fly up to the tower, land, and open the door with Alohomora III. The challenge/secret will immediately pop.

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