How to solve the courtyard bridge fire puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

This one is on the easier end

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True to the source material, Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of mysterious to uncover via puzzle-solving in the titular academy. Here’s how to find and complete the courtyard bridge fire puzzle.

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Where is the courtyard bridge fire puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy?

The courtyard bridge fire puzzle is located in the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame fast travel spot. You can find it close to the Great Hall, which you’ll unlock as you progress through the main story.

Head over to the big bridge near the fast travel location to start the puzzle.

How to solve the courtyard bridge fire puzzle

The key to solving this puzzle is on the ground. Head over the bridge to the other side (from the Floo Flame spot) and look at the floor. You’ll see a circular contraption with four symbols and four roman numerals. All you need to do is match those symbols with the roman numeral depicted.

There are four braziers on the bridge (two on each side) which you’ll need to light so they can be interacted with. You can use Incendio or Confringo to light the braziers (the former is unlocked earlier in the game). Once you’ve done that, interact with the brazier and rotate the roman numerals to match the symbol.

Here is the solution for the above puzzle:

  • The symbol with the triangle and six lines coming out of it needs to be “I” (1)
  • The symbol with the circles and the line coming out of it needs to be “II” (2)
  • The symbol with the circle and line coming out of the bottom of the triangle needs to be “III” (3)
  • The diamond with the X in the center needs to be “IV” (4)

Your reward for solving the puzzle includes three chests, and Hogwarts challenge progress

After you’ve matched them all correctly, the symbol key will open like a sewer grate, and you can go underneath it via a ladder into the aqueduct. There are three chests here: two of which are cosmetic items, and the last one is a high-end orange tier legendary piece of gear.

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