Reach the highest point in Hogwarts: Room with a view Hogwarts Legacy guide

It’s way easier than it seems, although you will need Alohomora III

Hogwarts Legacy has a few tricky achievements, and some of them require a bit of work to get through. That includes the achievement/trophy “Room with a View,” which can be earned through “reaching the highest point in the castle, the Headmaster’s upper study.” You will not unlock this challenge through the main story alone, so read on for a full breakdown of how to enter the upper study and instantly pop the achievement/trophy.

Step 1: Fly up to the highest point from an outside location in Hogwarts (or walk up from the Trophy Room)

After acquiring flight, head to an outdoor location within the grounds of Hogwarts (we used the Transfiguration courtyard, which has instant outside and broom access). Look for the highest tower in Hogwarts and fly toward it (pictured on the left in the gallery above). Head to the back of the tower to see an ascending staircase up to the Headmaster’s upper study. You’ll need to land on this staircase here: but note that it can be really finnicky (with a near-invisible barrier blocking you from landing). We’ve pinpointed the exact spot you can land in the above gallery, on the right.

Alternatively, you can walk up to the study manually by entering the stairway (with black gates) near the Trophy Room. You’ll need to unlock a level II door on the way up to the aforementioned level III door.

Step 2: Land on the balcony

After landing on the balcony, enter the locked door at the top of the stairs. You will need Alohomora III to unlock the door, and earn Room with a View/enter the upper study.

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Step 3: Enter the room, grab the loot, and The Key of Admittance

After entering, the achievement/trophy will immediately pop. Use Revelio to highlight the chests inside, and don’t forget to grab The Key of Admittance on the desk.

Thankfully, the door is very close to where you are right now.

Step 4 (bonus round): How to solve the Key of Admittance puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Climb down the outdoor staircase and enter the door (where you initially landed), guarded by a level II lock.

Keep descending the staircase until you see an array of bronze statues (like the one pictured in the gallery above). See that conspicuous giant lock? That’s where you’ll use The Key of Admittance.

Inside lies a few chests (don’t forget the one at the bottom of the staircase, underneath the little nook when you first enter), and a field guide page. That’s it! You’ve done everything you can do with this achievement/little sidequest.

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