How to solve the Clock Tower secret in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s solution-o’-clock

Hogwarts Legacy has several core secrets to solve, located centrally in Hogwarts itself. One of those riddles is the Clock Tower puzzle, which is a bit confusing at first; especially since it’s not a traditional puzzle. Here’s how to locate it, and where to solve it.

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Step One: Acquire Glacius or Arresto Momentum

Before you even attempt this secret, you’ll want to pick up Glacius (freezing spell) or Arresto Momentum (a stopping spell). This will allow you to interact with the pendulum in the Clock Tower and enter the secret doors it unlocks.

You’ll acquire Glacius and Arresto Momentum through Professor Kogawa quests, after you unlock the ability to fly with your broom.

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Step Two: Earn the ability to open locks through Gladwin Moon

Midway through the story, Hogwarts Caretaker Gladwin Moon will assist you in unlocking locks throughout the game by teaching you the spell Alohomora.

You’ll need the power to unlock locks to get to the main guts of the Clock Tower.

Step Three: Head to the Clock Tower (at the South Wing -> Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame) and solve the puzzle

Now that you’re all set, go to the Clock Tower Wing. You can find the Floo Flame location in the South Wing category, selecting the Clock Tower Courtyard spot. That’ll take you directly to the Clock Tower Puzzle. If you look ahead, there are two doors you can unlock: you want the one on the left.

Run up the stairs and take a look at the pendulum swinging in front of you. Notice the symbols in the bar it swings from? Those denote the door that particular symbol will open (so the unicorn marked door will unlock if the pendulum is stopped over the unicorn symbol). To hold the door so that you can enter it, you’ll want to freeze (Glacius) or stop (Arresto Momentum) the pendulum when it hits that symbol. Each door leads to a very small room, which typically has a treasure or item to take before moving to the next floor.

Note the progression of the pendulum symbols: the Unicorn symbol corresponds to a door on the first floor, then the next symbol to the right is the second floor, and so on for the third and fourth floors. This should help you easily freeze the pendulum on each symbol from left to right, moving up each floor as you go.

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After you enter the last room, the Solve Hogwarts Secrets challenge will pop

To “solve the puzzle” (read: complete the challenge and get full credit for this area) you’ll need to enter all four doors. As soon as you enter the last doorway (even before you grab the treasure inside), you’ll pop the “Solve Hogwarts Secrets” challenge.

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