How to complete “More Pest Control” request in Resident Evil 4 remake
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How to complete “More Pest Control” request in Resident Evil 4 remake

I ain’t afraid of no rats!

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The infected, sea monsters, and cultish brainwashed enemies might not scare you, but rats definitely could in Resident Evil 4 remake. With the “More Pest Control” Resident Evil 4 request, you’ll need to eliminate three different rats across two locations in the castle. It’s harder than it sounds! Here’s where to spot them in the game.

Where to find rats in “More Pest Control” Resident Evil 4 request

To begin the “More Pest Control” quest, you’ll need to make your way through Chapter 9. After making your way through a maze, you’ll enter the Grand Hall. Go up the stairs, and then turn left from the sculpture to see a blue piece of paper on the wall. It’s next to the Dining Hall door.

Resident Evil 4 More Pest Control Rat Location 1
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The first rat  in the “More Pest Control” Resident Evil 4 request can be seen as you enter the Dining Hall from the Grand Hall. It’s scurrying around on the lavish red rugs. Shoot it down with your pistol, or if you’re struggling to get a good shot, use a shotgun. Just be sure not to shoot Ashley instead, who’s circling around you.

Look to the ground for the rat, and if you still can’t see it, try to listen to its cries with some headphones.

Resident Evil 4 More Pest Control Rat location 2
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Next, the second rat can be found as soon as you defeat the knights in the armory. Carry forward past the knights and then you’ll find yourself in a hallway between the Armory and the Grand Hall.

Within this area, you’ll find the rat.

Resident Evil 4 Rat Location Library
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Unfortunately, the third rat can’t be accessed until you reach Chapter 10. Return to the library where Ashley was just from. In the hall where animal taxidermy heads are displayed, look to the ground. You’ll find the last vermin running around. Shoot it down and then you’ll finish the “More Pest Control” Resident Evil 4 request.

Get your reward

Once you’ve exterminated all of these pesky rats, go back to the charming Merchant. He will give three Spinel as a reward for your efforts. You can use those Spinels to gain treasure to sell, new weapons such as the Punisher, and equipment like Laser Sight. Don’t get the Matilda though. It’s a pretty terrible gun in comparison to others of its type. The Red9 is so much better! You should also check out the Pest Control quest from a few chapters ago.

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