How to change your voice in Hogwarts Legacy

Change voice in Hogwarts Legacy

Ahhh your voice sounds like a Mandrake!

It’s a blast to create your own character and have them go on their own Wizarding World journey, but you may need to change your voice in Hogwarts Legacy to get the most fun out of it.

It can really take you out of the experience if the pitch sounds too high for your character, and sometimes the recording of the voice-over actor behind the protagonist doesn’t sound natural. Here’s how to change your voice in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Steps to change your voice in Hogwarts Legacy

Change your voice in Hogwarts Legacy Pitch
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The process of altering your voice in Hogwarts Legacy is quite simple (not like leveling up) but it is quite limited as opposed to the beginning of the game. For example, you can’t change your character’s voice to a different tone.

First, you’ll want to press the pause button on your controller. II will leave you on a screen with a book and multiple menu choices. For this instance, you’ll want to pick the gear symbol on the bottom right stating “Settings.” Once you’re in the Settings menu, look on the left-hand side and you’ll see all sorts of emblems. Go to the one that indicates sound with a speaker blurting out audio. It’s the third one down.

Now, toggle the cursor over to “Pitch.” From here, you can change the pitch of your character’s voice. You can make it super low or high. It’s more natural if the meter is in the middle. You can also turn subtitles off from this menu, in addition to turning off the music and dialogue. The Audio Configuration is strangely defaulted to “Home Cinema,” so you may get a better aural experience with “Headphones” or “TV” if you don’t have a surround sound set up in your house. Now, you can experience the seemingly canon story in the best way possible.

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