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Hogwarts Legacy Voice Cast

Hogwarts Legacy has all manner of witches, wizards, and teachers within its halls, and they all need voices behind them. Thankfully, there’s a talented bunch of Hogwarts Legacy voice actors, such as JD Blanc and Sebastian Croft, to help tell the story Avalanche Software is providing to its players.

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Below, you’ll find everyone involved in the process from Hollywood movie stars to relatively unknown British actors. One actor even has no media credits to their name before this project.

Major Hogwarts Legacy voice actors

Sebastian Sallow Hogwarts Legacy Voice Actors
Image via WB Games

The voice cast will span four different students with one from each house, the various professors like Matilda Weasley, and the villain Ranrok. In addition, a certain popular Star Trek and Mission Impossible actor will also be voicing one of the least popular headmasters in Hogwarts history Phineas Nigellus Black.

Their voice actors include:

  • Amit Thakkar – Asif Ali (WandaVision, The Mandalorian)
  • Duncan Hobhouse – Adam O’Connor
  • Everett Clopton – Luke Youngblood (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Community)
  • Nearly Headless Nick and The Sorting Hat – Jason Anthony (Star Trek: Discovery, Piney: The Lonesome Pine)
  • Phineas Nigellus Black – Simon Pegg (Star Trek: Beyond, Mission Impossible: Fallout)
  • Playable Main Character (Male) – Sebastian Croft (Game of Thrones, Heartstopper)
  • Playable Main Character (Female) – Amelia Gething (The Amelia Gething Complex, The Spanish Princess)
  • Professor Bakar – Marwan Salama (Generation)
  • Professor Matilda Weasley – Lesley Nicol (Downton Abbey, East is East)
  • Professor Onal – Kandace Caine (Boned, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II)
  • Professor Ronen – Enn Reitel, who voices Percival Rackham, Deek, Gerbold Ollivander, and Eddie Thistlewood (Corpse Bride, Disney Dreamlight Valley)
  • Professor Satyavati Shah – Sohm Kapila (The Morning Show, The Mummy)
  • Sirona Ryan – Rebecca Root (Queen’s Gambit)

Other Voice Actors

Other Hogwarts Legacy Voice Actors Cast List
Image via WB Games

There is also some great talent within Hogwarts Legacy‘s secondary characters. For example, JB Blanc has been the voice of Vander from Arcane: League of Legends and played Batir in the live-action Barry series.

WB Games has confirmed each of the following actors’ involvement in this Wizarding World game. Unfortunately, the credits in the game don’t list the characters these Hogwarts Legacy voice actors play. As soon as we know more about their roles, we will update this post as news releases.

  • Alastair Duncan
  • Alfie Nugent
  • Alice Haldane
  • Amelie Newton
  • Amy Louise Pemberton
  • Carla Tassara
  • Chris James
  • Denise Hoey
  • Elle Newlands
  • Georgia Dolenz
  • Greg Ellis
  • Helen Sadler
  • Holly J Barrett
  • Jade Ramsey
  • Jane Windsor
  • Jacob Edwards
  • Jason Anthony
  • JB Blanc
  • Jeannie Bolet
  • Jenny Veal
  • Jessica Hayles
  • Jim Dale
  • Joseph Burdge
  • Joshua Shea
  • Jude Ponting
  • Karen Maruyama
  • Lauren Grace
  • Lesley Nicol
  • Logan Hannan
  • Luca Malacrino
  • Lulu Mae Pears
  • Matthew Waterson
  • Moira Quirk
  • Natalie Gray
  • Nicholas Guy Smith
  • Piotr Michael
  • Rachel Rath
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