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Is Hogwarts Legacy lore canon to the Wizarding World?

Hogwarts Legacy lore: Is the game canonical?

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Now that Hogwarts Legacy has been released to the general public, there has been some discourse online about the game and its connections to the wider Wizarding World. Specifically, there are some people wondering how the events in Hogwarts Legacy ties into the rest of the franchise, and whether the game itself should be considered canonical. Luckily, Avalanche Software and WB Games have already put together a preemptive response to this question.

On the FAQ section of the game’s official website, users can find a question entitled “Will Hogwarts Legacy adhere to Wizarding World lore”, to which the site replies:

“Yes. While Hogwarts Legacy is not a direct adaptation of the books and films, the games are anchored in Wizarding World lore. Avalanche is creating a unique gaming experience that is inspired by the magical universe created by J.K. Rowling, in which players will find new and unexpected locations, characters and story elements.”

Is J.K. Rowling involved in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avalanche has further confirmed that while JK Rowling herself is not involved in any capacity with the creative direction and narrative decisions made by the development team, they did work with her representatives in order to ensure the game remained an authentic Wizarding World experience, noting:

“J.K. Rowling is not involved in the creation of the game, but as creator of the wizarding world and one of the world’s greatest storytellers, her extraordinary body of writing is the foundation of all projects in the Wizarding World. This is not a new story from J.K. Rowling, however we have collaborated closely with her team on all aspects of the game to ensure it remains in line with the magical experiences fans expect.”

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Hogwarts Legacy’s place in the Wizarding World universe…

Given the time period Hogwarts Legacy takes place during, it’s easy to designate the game as something of a prequel to the Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them films, as the game proceeds the films by roughly 30 years, and roughly a full century prior to the Harry Potter books and films. However, the connections between Hogwarts Legacy and these other Wizarding World properties are generally minimalistic. While Hogwarts Legacy contains more than plenty of fun Easter eggs and references to preexisting Wizarding World characters, locations, and other aspects of lore, the main emphasis on the game is its original story and characters.

So you can easily enjoy what the game has to offer, as a casual player, without having to memorize obscure pieces of Wizarding World lore.

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