How to level up & gain experience in Hogwarts Legacy

Character progression in Hogwarts Legacy

Similar to most other RPG games, Hogwarts Legacy incorporates a character leveling system as one of its many foundational features. Players aiming to progress through the game will need to pay close attention to their character’s leveling progress, as some of the content present throughout the game is dependent on the prerequisite of the player being a certain level or higher.

This can include gear aimed to increase the player’s offensive and/or defensive capabilities, as well as certain story quests, side quests, and unlockable spells. So how do you go about avoiding these roadblocks and consistently level your character up?

level up in Hogwarts Legacy
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How to level up & gain experience in Hogwarts Legacy

The most reliable way to level up in Hogwarts Legacy is by playing through the story missions. Playing through the main campaign will give you plenty of much-needed experience. However, if you really want to make the most of your wizarding career, you’d be well served to go beyond just doing that bare minimum. There are a wide range of side quests and open world activities that will absolutely help you inch your way toward the maximum level of 40.

Combat is another surefire way to accrue experience. You’ll likely find yourself engaging in plenty of combat encounters as a regular part of story missions, but even outside of the core narrative experience, there are plenty of opportunities for you to test your mettle against the dastardly hostile forces headed by Rookwood and Ranrok. While these encounters can range somewhat in difficulty, the rewards for successfully completing them are usually more than generous.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back way to earn some XP, you can always provide a helping hand to your fellow students at Hogwarts. As you travel throughout Hogwarts, you’ll encounter other students who may call out to you, asking if you’ll help them, or alternatively, they might bemoan their grievances loudly to no one in particular, usually just as you’re passing them in the hall.

How to complete Field Guide pages in Hogwarts Legacy

Collecting additional flying pages for your Hogwarts field guide will likewise prove crucial in gaining experience. Each flying page you collect is worth 80 XP, which is a decent sum, so if you ever hear the sounds of a page flapping in the air nearby, or lurking invisibly in your general vicinity, don’t hesitate to drop everything you’re doing and get it while you can. You never know when you might next have the opportunity to find another one.

However you prefer to earn your XP, Hogwarts Legacy will nevertheless provide you a ton of opportunities to do so.

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