HMX, MTV, T-Mobile partner to highlight your friend’s dad’s band in Rock Band

Harmonix and MTV Games have teamed up with T-Mobile to help highlight “emerging artists” via Rock Band Network. 

Got a band? Got a friend who knows this guy who worked on his car and did a great job on his brakes that has a band? Is your dad in a band? Tell them to head over to (through April 11) and to upload a song, a band photo, and a bio. MTV Games execs will then screen the bands, giving one a chance to be professionally authored and put onto the Rock Band Network store. Not only that, but they’ll be named “T-Mobile Artist-of-the-Month,” which will be totally neato for them.

The Rock Band Network Store already has a ton of content on it, with more on the way from well-known bands like The Smashing Pumpkins, Clutch, and more. Sure, you can download and demo play each song (which is a pretty amazing feature that simply must be added to the Rock Band 3 store or no sale), but it can be overwhelming.

If anything, this is a nice opportunity to get your friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s dad’s dog-sitter’s mother-in-law’s band a little time in the spotlight. And hey, maybe they’ll be your new favorite band.

Nick Chester