Hitman 3 gets a new map in July, Freelancer mode pushed back

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island map

Shipping off to Ambrose Island

There’s more to do in the World of Assassination. IO Interactive updated its future Hitman 3 roadmap today, confirming that a new map is coming soon, but the new Freelancer mode will need a little more time.

In today’s updated roadmap, IO Interactive gives some news on its previously announced plans. A big piece of that is Freelancer mode, the new evolving way of playing through different Hitman levels.

IO Interactive says it’s been playtesting the new mode and getting feedback, which has been positive. The studio is taking some extra time to ensure it’s solid, however, and is now aiming to deliver Hitman 3: Freelancer in the second half of 2022.

On the flip-side, the new Hitman 3 map code-named Rocky is getting moved up. Officially revealed as Ambrose Island, the new area will be arriving in July 2022. It’s a new map that takes place chronologically before the events of Hitman 3, and IO says it will fill in a few gaps from the storyline.

As for extra updates to Hitman 3, the next big patch is set for May 24. A few pieces of content are on the docket for then, ranging from some featured contracts and reactivated Elusive Targets to the, uh, Ducky Gun. I am admittedly curious about what’s up with the Ducky Gun.

Wide, wide World of Assassination

Hitman 3 is in its Year 2 of updates, with several big ones like ray tracing on the way and PC VR already out. Considering the Hitman trilogy is also one giant, interconnected game, it’s just adding on top.

The studio did see a recent shake-up with director Mattias Engström leaving to work on Crysis 4. However, it looks like IO Interactive is moving full steam ahead. There’s more work for Agent 47 to tackle, and even further on the horizon, a new IP for IO to explore.

Eric Van Allen