Hidden NES gem Gimmick! Special Edition gets July 6 release date

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Not just a novelty

Bitwave Games has announced that Gimmick! Special Edition will be coming to PC and console on July 6, 2023.

Initially released by Sunsoft in Japan in 1992, followed by a very limited release in PAL regions as Mr. Gimmick in 1993, Gimmick! is a game cherished by NES fans who are in the know. The PAL version is among the most expensive NES cartridges on the system and isn’t cheap on the Famicom either. As such, a modern port has been a long time coming.

Gimmick! has you play as a horned, green blob who can throw stars. While it’s simple on the surface, it requires you to master the heavily physics-influenced gameplay. It can be a rather tricky game that requires you to become intimately familiar with its movements.

I’ve personally bounced off Gimmick! More than a few times, but I know a number of gamers who are passionate about it. Gimmick! Special Edition is looking to preserve the gameplay while bringing a few extra tweaks alongside. There’s a speed-run mode and some other quality-of-life upgrades (that can be disabled). There’s also a save and reload function so you don’t have to complete the game in one sitting. Beyond that, there’s the now standard rewind feature to smooth over the more difficult aspects. If you found the original version too punishing, this could be your chance to finally finish it.

Gimmick! Special Edition launches on PC, Switch, and PS4 on July 6, 2023. The Xbox version will follow shortly after. There are physical versions of the games coming for Switch and PS4, and they’ll be arriving at retailers later this year.

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