Here’s what the Persona Q Premium and Limited editions will look like

I need!

The Velvet Room theme song started playing in my head as I began writing this news blurb this morning. Igor and friends would be glad to know that after all of these years (and games) that the song stuck. It’s in there for good, I’m guessing.

Persona Q comes out late next month. Atlus has shared images of the contents of both the Premium and Limited Edition versions of the release. They say that these are the final designs going into production, so what you see is what you’ll get. 

As a reminder, you’ll get a Tarot card set, art book, soundtrack CD, and hard case for the Premium one. The Limited comes with the same Tarot cards and special packaging. 

As a bonus, enjoy new trailers for both Ken Amada and Naoto Shirogane, both below. Nice short pants, Ken.

Dale North