Here’s all the 3DS games…including the less loved ones

Just like Papa Smurf, you have your favorites. You can’t help it. You can love them all (or say you do), but you can’t properly show your love equally. That’s how it went down last night when all the news and announcements from Nintendo on the 3DS console and its games dropped.

From our news postings last night, you might have a good idea of what games you’ll pick up for the 3DS after its March 2011 release date, but we didn’t want to leave the lesser loved game announcements out. Sure, there’s Zelda, Pit, Ryu and all those other popular guys, but we can’t leave out the ratty pound puppies of the bunch. We can’t leave out Jokey Smurf. That’s why we’ve created this roundup of the 3DS games we shunned yesterday and others we just plain missed.

I’m a glass is half full guy. I bet Papa Smurf even had some love for Azrael.

Read on for our list.

First off, here’s the 3DS game announcements we covered:


And now, for the less loved games. This list isn’t even bothering to try to be complete as there are a lot of games coming. More 3DS announcements will continue to follow as we get closer to the release today. Even today we hear that Sega has four other 3DS titles beyond Super Monkey Ball 3DS.

Here’s our list of less loved games:


Game: Asphalt 3D (name pending)
Publisher: Konami
 Details: This is some kind of racing game. I wish I could tell you more. Wait. No I don’t. It looks pretty crappy from the screens so far.

Game: Cubic Ninja (name pending)
Publisher: AQ Interactive
 Details:  Tasty, boxy platformer.

Game: Fish On (name pending)
Publisher: Ascii Media Works, developed by Sims
Release Date: Unknown
Details:  BWAHAHAHA. Fishing game. BWAHAHAHAHAH!

Game: Animal Resort (name pending)
Publisher:  Marvelous Entertainment/ AQ Interactive
Details:  Er…wha…

Game: Professional Baseball Spirits Series
Publisher: Konami
Details:  LOL Sports

Game: Splinter Cell 3D (name pending)
Publisher:  Ubisoft
Details:  Our old pal Sam in 3D

Game: Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D (name pending)
Publisher:  Ubisoft
 Details:  Looks like a nice looking game so far.

Game: Ghost Recon Tactics (name pending)
Publisher:  Ubisoft
 Details:  This looks pretty rad. I’m a whore for any game that has the word “tactics” in it.

Game: Deca Sports Extreme
Publisher:  Hudson
 Details:  More Deca, now in 3D

Game: Double Pen Sports (name pending)
Publisher:  Namco Bandai
 Details:  Again, LOL Sports

Game: Tales of the Abyss (name pending)
Publisher:  Namco Bandai
Details:  Damn, this looks beautiful. Why did we not talk about this again? Screw Ocarina — gimme this.

Game: Pilotwings Resort
Publisher:  Nintendo
Details:  Holy crap. I love Pilotwings. I can’t wait!

Game: Steel Diver
Publisher:  Nintendo
Details:  Does not want. You might. I don’t.

Game: Ridge Racer (name pending)
Publisher:  Namco Bandai
 Details:  You can’t have a platform launch without Ridge Racer. Also, cue Kaz Hirai jokes now.


Additional games (not pictured):

  • Unnamed Sonic game
  • Unnamed Animal Crossing title
  • Starfox 64
  • Mariokart
  • Dead or Alive Dimensions
  • Dynasty Warriors Chronicle
  • nintendogs + cats
Dale North