Hear Toon Zelda’s cry in the latest Hyrule Warriors Switch footage


Like our own Jordan Devore, I’m not sure I want to spend hundreds of hours re-farming every item, skill, and level-up when Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition hits. I mean I already did it on Wii U, but those sweet, sweet 3DS characters are calling to me.

Toon Zelda is one of the better additions, but even the polarizing Agitha, as well as Zant, Midna, and Twili Midna are looking great. Are you ready to sell your body and soul all over again? We’ll find out when Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition arrives in the west on May 18. It drops in just eight days in Japan, if you feel like “importing” it on the eShop.

I think I might break down and replay just the story. And a map or two. And…damn it.

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