Headed to San Francisco to get my Halo 3 freak on

I’m not gonna lie, I have the best job in the known universe. Not only do I get to always hear from adoring fans on how worthless I am, but I also get to go to special preview events that make every single living moment of my life worth doing. Such is the case tonight as I’m headed to San Francisco (Gate 68A at LAX ftw!) to get some substantial time with the most-anticipated Xbox 360 game there will ever be, Halo 3.

The plan is to start at around 5 p.m. and play until 1 a.m. Yeah, 1 a.m., I’m a lucky boy indeed. Hopefully, I’ll still be in one piece by the end of the night or tomorrow morning to let you know how it all went down and if Halo 3 lives up to lofty expectations. 

Robert Summa