Powerful Eternal Seox hits Granblue Fantasy: Versus next month

Stylish fighter celebrates 500,000 sales

It might not be the biggest brawler on the block, but CyGames attractive fighter Granblue Fighter: Versus continues to entertain its audience, now deep into its second season. Having hit an impressive milestone of 500,000 units, publisher Arc System Works has dropped a trailer for the next DLC character, Seox, who will join the roster next month.

Seox, (or “Six”), ain’t nothing to fuck with. As one of the celestial beings known as “The Eternals,” Seox is carrying power as unbridled as his unstable emotional status. Already one of the world’s most powerful beings, Seox desires to be more powerful still, clawing for supremacy and reaching for an astral plane far above his already lofty status.

As you can see from the above video, Seox is all about the rushdown. The Eternal uses aerial strikes and dash tactics to close the gap on his prey, before laying in with extended combos and mixups, utilizing his vicious claws to slice ‘n’ dice his opponent before they even know what is happening to them. A frightening foe who can end the round in a flash.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus will add Seox as paid DLC on July 13, accompanied by the obligatory Lobby Avatar, Character Icon, and custom story mode. On that same day, All players will receive two new stages free of charge: “Celestial View” and “Abyss.”

GF:V has battled against rough netcode and stiff competition in a particularly crowded market, so kudos to CyGames for hitting the half-million milestone. But I hope that the developer will choose to focus on GF:V‘s stability very soon. The roster has more than enough sexy characters, now it’s time to focus on some sexy tech.

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