God of War Ragnarok voice actors & cast list

God of War Ragnarok voice actors & cast list 0

Everyone does phenomenal work, too

God of War Ragnarok is out, and a few of the more exciting parts are going to become breakout GIFs and videos alike.

Part of that excitement is due to the incredible voice cast, who slips into each role and gives it their all. A few offhand favorites of mine include Richard Schiff as Odin, and Ryan Hurst as Thor, who were confirmed very early after the initial announcement. The rest you may want to leave as a surprise, and check back/bookmark this page for reference! We’ve also provided photos of the in-game credits ourselves as confirmation in the gallery below.

Here’s the full God of War Ragnarok voice actors & cast list (note that character name spoilers could appear!):

  • Kratos – Christopher Judge
  • Atreus – Sunny Suljic
  • Freya – Danielle Bisutti
  • Brok – Robert Craighead
  • Sindri – Adam J Harrington
  • Mimir – Alastair Duncan
  • Angrboda – Laya DeLeon Hayes
  • Odin – Richard Schiff
  • Thor – Ryan Hurst
  • Thrud – Mina Sundwall
  • Tyr – Ben Prendergast
  • Heimdall – Scott Porter
  • Freyr – Brett Dalton
  • Laufey – Deborah Ann Woll
  • Hildisvini – James Mathis III
  • Durlin – Usman Ally
  • Lunda – Milana Vayntrub
  • Gryla – Debra Wilson
  • Skjoldr – AJ LoCascio
  • Surtr – Chris Browning
  • Birgir – Jim Pirri
  • Ratatoskr – SungWon Cho
  • Urd – Kate Miller
  • Verdandi – Emily O’Brien
  • Skuld – Shelby Young
  • Byggvir – Daniel Kountz
  • Sigrun – Misty Lee
  • Beyla – Morla Gorrondona
  • Sif – Emily Rose
  • Gna – Evanne Friedman
  • Gunnr – Anna Campbell
  • Eir and the Lady – Sarah Sokolovic
  • Hildr – Sara Cravens
  • Hrist – Erica Lindbeck
  • Mist – Mara Junot
  • Bitter Squirrel – Troy Baker
  • Raeb – Ber McCreary
  • Sinmara – Janina Gavankar
  • Voice Direction – Margaret Tang, Maddie Stratton, Jamie Mortellaro

Beyond the big stars there’s a few surprises in there; including actors who take part in some comic-book related TV shows/podcast projects such as Brett Dalton, Deborah Ann Woll, SungWon Cho, and Milana Vayntrub. You’ll likely spot someone you know!

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