How to get into the Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums (turtle towers)

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums 1

I spent forever trying to figure this out

With launch day upon us, folks are going to have some questions about Elden Ring, so we figured it was time for some very early game stuff. Note that the Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums are found as quickly as the first area, but if you want to go in fresh. Skip away!

Here’s a buffer for you:

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums 3

Okay, ready?

To get into the Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums, you’ll need to bring them down to your level.

So for many hours (like, 30), I thought you had to run up on some mountain somewhere then jump down on them. While I’m sure we’ll see plenty of videos of that as soon as today, the proper way to bring them down is to hit their feet.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums 2

You see the debris in the above image? Aim for that.

Run around the Walking Mausoleums like an AT-AT on horseback, and slash the grey rocks off. At this point enemies might be attacking you, or the monstrosity itself could be stomping down, so just be on your toes and ready to dash gallop when it raises a leg.

If you can’t quite aim and hit a piece of debris, try using the other attack button (R2), or getting off your horse momentarily to knock off hard to reach areas.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums 3

Once you’ve cleaned off enough, the Walking Mausoleums will lower themselves to the ground and can be accessed like a normal building.

Walk around to the front, with the door, and simply go in.

Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums 4

Once you’re there, the Elden Ring Walking Mausoleums can be used to duplicate remembrances.

If you’ve played the Souls series before, you’ll be very familiar with this concept: they’re boss souls. In Elden Ring, they can be used to “squash” into raw runes (souls) for leveling up for buying items, or you can transmute them into one of two items at the hub area (usually a weapon, or a spell).

Good luck! The Walking Mausoleums are super easy to spot, and now that you know the trick, you can bring them down.

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