Get a free Salazzle in Pokemon Sun and Moon

You’ll just have to stop by your local Gamestop

The next free Pokémon giveaway for Sun and Moon is happening right now. If you live in the United States, just visit a participating GameStop to receive the free code.

The Pokemon in question is a “battle-ready” Salazzle, as Chris previously reported. The Salazzle is level 50 and holds a Focus Sash, an item that lets the Pokémon endure an attack that would normally kill it in one hit. The item only has one use.

This Salazzle also knows the following moves:

  • Fakeout
  • Toxic
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Flamethrower

Salazzle is a fire and poison type Pokémon with the special ability Corrosion. That ability allows it to inflict poison on Pokémon that would normally be immune, like Steel types. 

Once you have your code in hand, simply select Mystery Gift from the main menu and choose to receive your gift via code/password. Once you enter your code you can pick up Salazzle from the deliveryman in the Pokémon Center. You’ll be able to swing by GameStop for a code until September 4.

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