Fuse yourself with Dragon Ball Fusions this December


I know very little about Dragon Ball Fusions. The game is a 3DS title with an emphasis on fusing heroes together. It also has a Western release date of December 13, 2016. Along with that news, Bandai Namco has uploaded an English-subbed trailer for the game.

This actually looks pretty good, so color me surprised. The only Dragon Ball game I’ve actually enjoyed was Budokai 3. The rest are either completely derivative of Budokai, or lack most of the features from the PS2 classic.

Fusions looks more like a traditional RPG, so that could work well. I know there was some attempt at an adventure game in the PS2 era, but that went horribly wrong. There was also The Legacy of Goku, but that was also pretty awful.

Maybe I just don’t like Dragon Ball games…

Dragon Ball Fusions coming to the West [IGN]

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