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flashback 2 gameplay trailer microids

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Publisher Microids has released the first gameplay trailer for Flashback 2, the run ‘n’ gun sequel to the iconic 1992 Delphine adventure — In addition, the publisher announced a release window of November 2023, which will see the sequel launch on PC and console platforms.

Initially announced back in the spring of 2021, Flashback 2 will see returning federal agent Conrad Hart once again take up arms against a shapeshifting alien race, The Morphs, in a sci-fi noir adventure set against the backdrop of the 22nd Century. The sequel will feature characters, mechanics, and locales familiar to fans of the groundbreaking original, while introducing all new elements such as Conrad’s powerful new A.I. firearm, A.I.S.H.A.

As you can see from the gameplay trailer, Flashback 2 is taking something of a 2.5D approach to its platform-based, run ‘n’ gun action, featuring all the of ledge scaling, dodge-rolling, abyss-leaping excitement of the original, while affording combat new depth through the use of cover systems and the ability to move and shoot both into and out of the geometric plane. Interestingly, the game this footage reminds me of the most is Epic’s great 2009 release Shadow Complex, and while Flashback 2 is most certainly set to be something of a modest production and release, this early trailer has promise.

flashback 2 collector's edition microids

Microids also revealed that it will be releasing a physical edition of the new sequel, which will include a physical copy of Flashback 2 on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, a soundtrack CD, sticker sheets, a pin featuring the original Conrad Hart sprite, a digital copy of the 1992 release, steelbook casing, and an 8-inch figurine of our amnesiac star himself. This edition will launch alongside the game itself this fall.

Flashback 2 launches November 2023 on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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