First there was the Resident Evil 2 remake fixed camera mod, now there’s a first-person mod too

I’d play both all the way through

There was a big debate as to whether or not Resident Evil 2 remake would work correctly with a fixed camera angle option after a proof-of-concept mod was shown (it would, the developers already included aim-assist to naturally allow for it), and now there’s going to be another discussion brewing around the first-person mod.

Created by “Praydog” and showcased by “Sticky” on YouTube below, the mod allows for first-person play within the confines of the PC edition of the newly released Resident Evil 2. Just like the fixed camera angle situation this is an augmentation, an option that folks who are interested can partake in.

It’s not perfect by any means, but given that Resident Evil 2 is based on the RE7 engine, which already works great in first-person, it’s clear that it can be done. Rumors have been swirling for weeks that Capcom is even working on an official first-person mode so this only adds fuel to that fire.

Chris Carter
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