Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack #3 and Version 1.5.0 detailed

The best for last

In what feels like the missing Nintendo Direct announcement, details for the final DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors have been revealed along with the related update, Version 1.5.0. The DLC will be arriving on March 28, and is confirmed to be $8.99 USD if you do not own the season pass.

Let’s take a look at what could be the last major content added to the game.

As we all know already, the DLC is themed around Fire Emblem Awakening, and unlike the last pack which had content for multiple games, only contains content for that game. The pack includes three new costumes, once again having none for the DLC characters. His majesty Chrom will receive an Exalt skin, Lissa will have a skin based on the Sage class, and fan favorite Cordelia will get a Dark Flier skin.

Beyond that, the characters Owain, Tharja, and Olivia will be added to the game with their own unique weapons and skills. Based on the history of past DLC packs, Owain is likely retaining his NPC moveset, which is Ryoma’s. In addition, Tharja was shown on-stream earlier this month, with watchers reporting she’s a Robin clone. This means Olivia is likely the “new” character of the pack.

The rest of the content follows the previous DLC packs. There will be three history maps, each one centered around a new character and a map from the original game. Everyone without a unique weapon will now receive one, putting the entire cast on even footing. New armor break models and weapon skills are also coming, some of which appear to be taken from the amiibo exclusive items.

In regards to Version 1.5.0, it’s a similar situation. The level cap will be raised to 150, and a new skill which allows regular weapons to be as strong as unique ones will be introduced. There are also new blessings, including one that reduces your character’s strength and buffs the strength of those you don’t control, forcing you to to be a tactician. There’s also bug fixes and changes to the UI inbound.

There are two more changes of note. The first is that you can now reset anyone to level one and receive materials in return. This will be very useful for fully upgrading characters. Second, support is being added for the video capture feature. For those that love showing off highlights, they can now do so.

The only thing missing from this is those still absent villains. Hopefully we do get them at some point, but with every passing update it seems less and less like it’s happening.

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