Fire Emblem if will have a ‘Phoenix Mode,’ also removes weapon limit

Also, nine save files

In addition to the whole “permadeath” thing, having a limit on weapon uses is one of the most taxing aspects of the Fire Emblem series. You have to constantly decide whether or not it’s even worth attacking someone with a specific item, lest it exceeds its uses and crumbles. But in Fire Emblem if that seems to be a worry of the past, as it will be eliminated entirely. While some of you out there might be pissed, I often develop a certain attachment to weapons, and I’m glad that they’ll be sticking around.

In other Fire Emblem news, you can customize your player-character’s name, gender, voice, and appearance again, and there will be a new “Phoenix Mode,” where party members are revived after the turn they died. “Casual Mode” is still in, where said party will return once the mission is over. There will be nine save files available at the start, with more unlocking as more scenarios become available.

Finally, “Royal” characters have a move called Dragon Pulse, that apparently alters various bits of the map much like a Geomancer in Final Fantasy. Sounds pretty rad. All of these changes are good ones in my book (though I don’t know if I’d dabble in those easier gametypes), and Fire Emblem if is set to debut in Japan on June 26.

Fire Emblem if [Hachima via Gematsu]

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