Fire Emblem If changes up series-staple weapon triangle

Magic, bows, concealed weapons

The lack of weapon degradation isn’t the only difference to the upcoming Fire Emblem If‘s combat. The swords-beat-axes-beat-lances-beat-swords triangle is changing, too, Famitsu reports (picked up by Hachima Kikou and translated by Gematsu).

Now it goes: swords and magic > axes and bows > lances and concealed weapons, circling back to lances and conceal weapons > swords and magic.

Additionally, to combat the removal of weapon durability and usage limits (staffs still are numbered use), stronger weapons have built in limitations. The example Gematsu gave is, “the Bronze Sword has no chance of landing a Critical hit, but has +10 Critical evasion, while the stronger Steel Sword has -5 evasion and makes it hard to use a Pursuit attack.”

Famitsu also revealed new characters. Felicia (maid), Joker (butler), Gunther (great knight), and Suzukaze are allies in either version of the game. Saizou and Kagerou (shinobi) are only allies in the White version. These classes use concealed weapons, “which have weakening effects on enemy abilities when attacked.”

Fire Emblem If changes up the Weapon Triangle [Gematsu]
via Hachima Kikou.

Steven Hansen