Fire Emblem Fates has straightforward amiibo functionality

A simple guest interaction

Fire Emblem fates will ship with amiibo support for Ike, Marth, Robin, and Lucina — for the select few of you who were able to actually find them (I was one of the lucky few). According to Siliconera, they will all be morphed into your game in the “My Castle” mode, where they will engage in fun little conversations before battling you and joining your party.

Evidently you can chat with them afterwards as well, and some of the topics of conversation may include Super Smash Bros. It’s a neat little nod and one that probably won’t piss a lot of people off, but damn Nintendo, you need to ramp up production on those super-rare figures before the game comes out.

Fire Emblem Fates amiibo Break The Fourth Wall [Siliconera]

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