A Final Fantasy X style Cloud and Tifa FFVII Remake mod? Sure

Final Fantasy X mod

Two mods actually

A Final Fantasy X mod for Final Fantasy VII Remake? It’s a no-brainer: I’ve already downloaded it into my dreams, so I may as well make it official.

In reality, this is actually a pair of mods. One of them is a Tifa as Yuna outfit from urbandayz. Another is a Cloud as Tidus costume from Ninjagrime12. With both mods deployed, they work in concert to allow you to live out your FFX fantasy: because of course you know you want to.

A little housekeeping: so the Cloud as Tidus mod doesn’t require much legwork to get going. There’s an optional “Brotherhood over the Buster Sword” mod that reworks Cloud’s weapon into the FFX version from Uploaded by swifferpilled — but you don’t need it. On the Tifa side, you will need to consider that you won’t be able to see her hands properly as-is. You’ll want to apply the “Tifa Invisible Weapons” mod from Narknon to smooth things over.

If you want, you can use the Amano Barret design to remake the whole crew! Or bask in the glory of Final Fantasy X: a game that did get a full sequel once upon a time, but deserves to live on far beyond that scope.

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