This mod turns Final Fantasy VII Remake Barret into an Amano design

Amano Barret mod

Simply put, it’s “Amano inspired Barret”

Someone crafted a Final Fantasy VII Remake Amano Barret mod, and now I kind of want one for every character that Amano didn’t design.

Created by Amiibolad, the mod basically is a reskin of party member Barret, by way of legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano. Amano, among many other properties, has drummed up quite a reputation for his iconic¬†Final Fantasy art, and this modder wanted to honor him with a rework of the character. As Amiibolad puts it, Barret sports a “ponytail, fur trim, earrings, and facial piercings.”

Amano Barret artwork

Amazingly, they nailed it. It’s important to note that Barret actually did have promotional artwork done by Amano, and the creator had to draw upon that limited scope to fully realize this new take. The synergistic relationship between some fans and some creators will never cease to fascinate me.

Also, who doesn’t love full reskin mods? They’re a perfect way to replay a game years later, with reimagined characters. One of my favorite bits of old-school PS2-era action games (and to an extent, titles from the PS1 era) was the endless amount of costumes that you could unlock. With modding and creative artists tirelessly working on projects like this, it’s even easier to enjoy.

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