Fake game Friday — Hellgate: Lon Lon


This week’s fake game comes from forumite FireofEvil. He only gave us the title, Hellgate: Lon Lon, but we assume you can figure out what follows. 

Hyrule is under attack. Demons have overrun the countryside — and we’re not talking about the friendly, wimpy kind of demons that Link can destroy with a swipe or two from the Master Sword. No, these bastards come straight from Hell itself, and they’ve devoured most of the kingdom. Most of the kingdom, that is, save for one tiny homestead. One tiny little outpost that might very well be mankind’s last defense against the forces of darkness. That outpost, of course, is Lon Lon Ranch.

With the armies of darkness at the very doorstep, it’s up to Malon and Talon to take arms against the forces of evil. Rated M for mature.

Or something like that, anyway. If you think you can do better, hit the comments, or the official thread.

Oh, and the Photoshop this week (and last week, and next week, and any week there is a Photoshopped picture) was by our very own Fronz, the greatest Destructoid editor-in-chief who ever lived.  

Anthony Burch