Evolved forms for Pokemon Sun & Moon starters revealed, demo coming soon


This goes without saying but if you aren’t keen on finding out what the adorable three starters (that were announced back in May) for Pokemon Sun & Moon look like in the next stage of their evolution, don’t watch the video below or scroll down much further. Suffice to say, none of them go full-on ferocious yet, as they still retain their patented cuteness.

And while you argue below about which one is the best still (it’s not Popplio), you can also peruse the rest of the video for footage on the festival system that facilitates minigames, more opportunities to mega-evolve, and the new concept of “Poke Pelago,” a now-canon paradise that your creatures live in while they’re stuffed into boxes on your in-game PC. That’s…a lot better than the tormented cryogenic state a lot of us assumed they were in!

Oh, and you might have missed this bombshell at the end — there’s a new “special demo” available on October 18, which will feature an “Ash-Greninja” that you can transfer over to the full game.

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