Etrian Odyssey V looks like more of the same

And that’s okay

[Update: the first trailer is available below.]

Atlus announced Etrian Odyssey V back in 2014, and in the time since then we haven’t seen so much as a screenshot of the game. Until today that is. The Shin Megami Tensei studio has unleashed the first stills of the upcoming dungeon crawler and they look…

Well, not dramatically different from previous entries in the series.

The role-playing game seems like a continuation of what we’ve seen from Etrian Odyssey IV and the Untold games, rather than a bold new spin on the formula. Which is fine, really. This is a series that drapes itself in old-school design, and the development team is keeping its roots in mind with this entry. According to director Shigeo Komori, Atlus aims to give players more freedom and customization this time around while also bringing some challenge back to the party-building system à la the original Etrian Odyssey.

We’ll look forward to seeing and hearing about Etrian Odyssey V ahead of its Japanese debut on August 4. As of yet, plans of a western release for the title has not been confirmed.

「世界樹の迷宮Ⅴ 長き神話の果て」公式サイト [Atlus,]

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