Etrian Mystery Dungeon comes west next spring

Atlus goes rogue!

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is heading to the Americas in 2015, Atlus USA announced today.

The crossover project is a partnership between the Shin Megami Tensei studio and Spike Chunsoft, makers of strange series like Danganronpa and Conception.

Don’t expect this game to be all that bizarre, though. Spike Chunsoft has been making Mystery Dungeon games for years now, collaborating with companies like Nintendo and Square Enix to produce roguelike spin-offs for Pokémon, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. Now you can add Etrian Odyssey to the mix.

Naturally, Etrian Mystery Dungeon will be a little different than your typical Etrian game. It trades the old school first-person view for an isometric vantage point, but, like the name implies, there are still plenty of dungeons to get lost in. Atlus is promising a “metric buttload” of exploration.

Look out for it on Nintendo 3DS sometime next spring.

Kyle MacGregor Burleson