Elden Ring seamless co-op mod goes into beta this week

Elden Ring pause trick

No more awkward post-fight goodbyes

A new mod for Elden Ring aims to make co-op persist beyond the fog door, and it’s going into beta this week. Modder LukeYui’s seamless co-op mod for Elden Ring is going into public beta on May 27.

Yes, Elden Ring does already support co-op. But it is limited to certain areas and generally feels like it’s meant for tackling bosses or tough areas, rather than exploring the Lands Between together. The seamless co-op mod for Elden Ring could change that.

Shown off in a video, LukeYui’s mod allows for multiple players to ride their horses, get shared rewards from great enemies, and engage in PvP. Even when the host dies, they can spectate the other player.

The mod will go live on NexusMods on May 27. No indication’s been made towards how long it will stay up. But several alpha testers will also be streaming the co-op action. You can find their Twitch links in the mod’s trailer description.

The Fellowship of the Elden Ring

It’s a pretty cool thought that, if this mod pans out well, players could truly co-op great swathes of Elden Ring. While the drop-in co-op works right now, it’s really only for spurts. Being able to run the entirety of an area, or just explore together, is something else entirely.

Of course, Elden Ring has already been a hotbed for neat mods. Some let you summon bosses, or even infamous boss-killers. One project is trying to put FromSoftware’s latest into the realm of virtual reality. And another went the hardware route, making a Fisher-Price controller work with Elden Ring.

It’s safe to say Elden Ring is one of the year’s biggest releases. As time rolls on though, I’m looking forward to more of what modders can do with the massive world FromSoft has made. And letting me and three of my friends engage in jolly co-op adventures is certainly a good pitch.

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